Botswana telecoms growth nears Nigeria, SA

c04965.jpgBOTSWANA telecommunications sector is this year poised to record growth that could place it ahead of powerhouses South Africa and Nigeria in teledensity.

Teledensity is a metric that has been used to provide international network comparisons, which measures the number of telephones per 100 people in a region.

The forecast follows the launch of BeMobile by the Botswana Telecommunication Corporation (BTC) last year.

“The launch of BeMobile places Botswana ahead of South Africa and Nigeria to take position one in teledensity in the fourth quarter of 2009, despite the country’s small population,” said Business Monitor International.

Botswana is an emerging force in the mobile communications industry. Cutthroat competition exists between the network service providers, who include Mascom and Orange.

The companies have been awarded licenses to enable them to venture into the fixed line services. Before then, BTC enjoyed a monopoly –ITNewsAfrica.