Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Discover how BI can work in your business for free

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Much is made of the notion that business intelligence
solutions are now within reach of more companies than ever before.
But how does the small to medium business owner gauge the relevance
of these information management tools for their organisation without
racking up potentially costly bills?
This is a question which Synergy Business Intelligence (BI) sets out
to solve with the release of its free e-booklet Making Business
Intelligence work for you. Available from the company’s website
The title of the book is not an empty promise,says Synergy BI
managing director Christo Bredenkamp. Our e-book reflects on the
lessons we have learnt and are still learning and provides a
perspective on the key factors that can make BI a reality, and add
value to your business, says Bredenkamp. We have worked with
enough organisations over the past 30 years to be convinced that
those who realise the strategic value of their data and who know how
to gain insight from their data, are those who are able to make
decisions that drive business advantage, he says.

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