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Africa Interactive reports on the future of African football

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Africa Interactive works together with local media talent in Ghana to bring the Nike5showdown tournament in the picture.
For one month Ghana is the center of African football. Between January 21st and February 8th, teens from schools, football clubs and NGO’S from in and around Accra will show their best football skills at the Nike5showdown tournament.

It is a 5 aside game where speed and accuracy are necessary to survive and win. Close to 3000 teens will be part of the tournament. The famous Ghanaian football star and Chelsea midfielder Michael Essien is the ambassador of the Nike5showdown.

During the pre-rounds the progress of the competition, the team stories and dreams, will be captured in both stills and moving images. This work is being done by local Africa Interactive reporters and can be seen on At the competition, an internet cafe has been set up so the participating teens can follow the tournaments progress and see themselves on the website.

February 8th is the big final day where the best teams of each category will play to become the champions of the Nike5showdown tournament. They will be celebrated as real heroes in Accra.

The website is created and maintained by Africa Interactive. Africa Interactive is an online publisher, building and maintaining a worldwide, interactive multimedia platform, focused on Africa. Africa Interactive is also the publisher of

As a publisher, Africa Interactive aims to show the multiple facets of the continent. Part of this process includes building a network of qualified African media talent that generates news, opinions and reports from an African perspective. Online multimedia strategies are used to give this professional network a podium to the world.


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