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Harness the Sun: Nedbank’s Innovative Solar Campaign!

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Sourced from LinkedIn.

Nedbank has unveiled an innovative campaign aimed at empowering youth and assisting schools in mitigating the impact of load-shedding.

MoveUp, a free skills development platform powered by Nedbank, provides tools such as CV builders, online courses, and access to potential job opportunities.

With the rapid growth of the solar industry and its potential to create numerous job opportunities for young people, MoveUp offers online courses introducing learners to solar photovoltaic systems and various career prospects.

In collaboration with Dr. Jason Samuels, an electrical engineer and founder of GreenX, the MoveUp Team has developed an online energy audit tool. This tool allows users to assess the energy usage of their homes, schools, or small businesses and understand the solar system requirements.

Dr. Samuels commented, ‘This collaboration with MoveUp, powered by Nedbank, enables youth across the country to gain hands-on experience in conducting energy audits. They receive guidance through the process and take the first step of awareness in the transition to solar.’

Bridget Nkandu, Executive Head of Strategy and New Business Development in Consumer Banking at Nedbank emphasized the bank’s commitment to green banking and addressing unemployment. She stated, ”Nedbank is known as the leader in green banking but also recognizes the need to help address the unemployment crisis in South Africa. The Nedbank Solar Campaign allows youth from all over the country to take the 1st step to a brighter future within the solar industry.’

As part of the campaign, youth can submit energy audits of their schools for a chance to win prizes worth over R1 million. Nedbank will sponsor solar systems valued at R250,000 for five schools and offer five bursaries of R25,000 each for further education in the solar industry. Additionally, there will be 50 cash prizes of R1,000 each for the top campaign participants.

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