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Enhanced Customer Engagement: Salesforce’s WhatsApp Upgrade

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Salesforce has announced the general availability of Unified Conversations for WhatsApp. This feature revolutionizes traditional one-way marketing promotions or service requests into dynamic, two-way conversations from a single WhatsApp number.

WhatsappInstead of managing separate threads for promotions and support, customers can now seamlessly engage in personalized opt-in marketing promotions and receive individual support within a single WhatsApp chat with a brand.

This advancement enables companies like Agibank to leverage Salesforce data from over 900 hubs within WhatsApp to deliver personalized loan proposals, resolve concerns promptly, and provide enhanced customer support—all through a single conversation.

Why it matters: With 79% of customers expecting consistent interactions across departments and 75% preferring to communicate with brands using messaging, businesses must meet these expectations. Currently, customers cite disconnected experiences as their top frustration when interacting with organizations.

Steve Hammond, EVP and GM of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, highlighted, “With more than two billion people using WhatsApp today, Salesforce’s new Unified Conversations for WhatsApp allows brands to connect with their customers seamlessly, offering a single, connected, and trusted experience. This helps break down barriers across companies, fostering stronger relationships throughout the customer journey.”

Unified Conversations for WhatsApp is powered by Salesforce Data Cloud, enabling companies to integrate all trapped data into Salesforce and create a unified customer profile. This empowers marketers and service agents to work from the same customer profile, delivering relevant experiences across departments within a single chat thread.

Innovation in action:

Unified Conversations for WhatsApp facilitates seamless integration of marketing and service conversations:

Marketers can segment audiences and create tailored content for marketing campaigns, while service agents gain insights into customer interactions to provide recommended next best actions—all through a single WhatsApp number.

Healthcare organizations can schedule, confirm, and provide follow-up support for procedures and appointments within one WhatsApp conversation.

Financial service institutions can enhance fraud prevention by offering a single experience in WhatsApp for proactive verification and assistance with unusual transactions.

Travelers can engage with personalized trip offers and book experiences through chatbot-powered prompts within WhatsApp.

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