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Enhancing Managed Networks with AI and Automation: A Proactive Approach

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In the fast-paced world of cybersecurity, NTT Data, Inc. distinguishes itself by employing AI and automation to improve network efficiency and security for organizations worldwide.

Utilizing their innovative SPEKTRA platform, which harnesses advanced AI and machine learning technologies, NTT Data is leading a transformation in network operations. Their autonomous solutions streamline processes, enhance accuracy, and strengthen security measures.

In this exclusive Q&A session, we explore NTT DATA’s proactive cybersecurity approach in ”empowering organizations to navigate the digital landscape with confidence & resilience”.

Prashil Gareeb, Vice-President of Managed Networking & Collaboration Services at Dimension Data, sheds light on their approach:

1: How do you leverage AI and automation to enhance network efficiency and security?

A: NTT DATA is heavily investing in assisting clients worldwide to automate their network operations and transition towards transformative technologies that accelerate revenue growth. Our vision is to deliver platform-driven autonomous network operations over LAN, WAN, or security estates, transforming clients into business-oriented, application-aware networks.

Our SPEKTRA platform integrates AI/ML technologies with centralized networking skills from our global delivery center in Bengaluru. It represents a step towards fully autonomous operations powered by AI/ML, with the ultimate goal being the theoretical dark NOC/SOC concept. SPEKTRA offers clients a unified portal, integrated service center, AI-enabled predictive analytics, and automation.

Currently, SPEKTRA achieves AI-augmented operations to reduce repetitive tasks in network management and improve speed, accuracy, and repeatability, especially in managing complex environments with multiple hardware vendors and widespread geographic operations.

2: How can CIOs ensure a smooth transition to managed network services, and what can be achieved in terms of cost optimization and performance enhancement?

A: NTT’s recent Global Network Report highlighted the critical role of networks in digital transformation and business growth. Organizations need stable network environments to support their transformation efforts. We offer support across infrastructure services, vendors, orchestration, and the commodity layer, assuring stable connectivity through the whole stack as a service.

At Dimension Data, we assess clients’ transformation journeys and tailor global network-as-a-service solutions to their specific needs. With major clients onboarded on SPEKTRA, we’ve seen significant reductions in network-related incidents, leading to improved operational efficiency and reduced technical debt.

 3: As threats evolve, what role can AI play in an adaptive security posture for organizations?

A: With cybersecurity threats becoming increasingly sophisticated, a proactive approach to security is essential. AI and automation can analyze vast amounts of data to identify patterns and detect vulnerabilities exploited by malicious actors. By automating security monitoring and response, businesses can minimize the risk of data breaches and downtime, crucial for protecting sensitive information.

NTT DATA has integrated leading security vendors into SPEKTRA, providing secure user access to applications and data without compromising performance. The platform’s advanced AIOps and automation capabilities improve operational efficiency and security outcomes, ensuring organizations stay ahead of evolving threat.

4: Could you provide examples of how AI and automation are integrated into MNS with SPEKTRA to address common network efficiency challenges faced by organizations?

Certainly. Our insights from the Global Network Survey, conducted a few months ago and encompassing nearly 1000 organizations worldwide, underscore the critical role of networks in business growth and survival. Today, businesses are under immense pressure to digitally transform and accommodate hybrid workforces.

Our focus at NTT Data is to support businesses expanding across continents, ensuring their infrastructure can sustain growth. We assess aging infrastructure to determine its capacity to support business expansion and identify areas needing immediate transformation. Managing infrastructure across wide and local area networks, as well as at the edge, presents significant challenges due to the fragmentation of technologies and applications.

This fragmentation leads to complexity, increased costs, and impedes transformation efforts, often resulting in technical debt. Therefore, organizations require a partner like us to navigate these challenges and facilitate transformation by introducing or developing technology solutions.

NTT Data, Inc. continues to spearhead innovations in AI and automation, empowering organizations to navigate the digital landscape with confidence and resilience.

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