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What Internet Options Are Available on a Cruise Trip

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Staying connected to the internet all the time has become the need of many people around the globe. While one can easily stay connected to the internet at all times on the ground, the problem arises when you are on a cruise, in the middle of the sea. Most people are reluctant to go on a cruise adventure because of the lack of internet options, even though a cruise trip is an experience of a lifetime.

Fortunately, the internet situation on cruise ships has improved significantly in recent years and there are some connectivity options available that allow you to access the internet and stay connected to the internet. Let’s briefly discuss some of the internet options on a cruise trip.

Onboard Wi-Fi

The first internet option that you have available on a cruise ship to stay connected is using the cruise ship’s onboard Wi-Fi services. Almost every cruise line now has a dedicated onboard Wi-Fi service including MSC, Carnival, Norwegian, etc. Some cruise lines offer free onboard Wi-Fi as a part of a promotion while others charge a fee for it. The fee varies depending on the type of package you want and the data and time limit. With the help of onboard Wi-Fi, you can socialize, surf the web, and chat with your friends and family. If you want to perform heavy activities like Wi-Fi calling or video streaming, you can try out the premium packages too which are fast enough for such internet activities.

You can subscribe to your cruise line’s Wi-Fi service before leaving for the cruise journey and while you are onboard. The Wi-Fi service is accessible in most areas of the ship, and it is a great option to stay connected onboard and try out the premier beverage package, especially in the middle of the sea, where you have only a handful of connectivity options.

Special Carrier Plans and International Roaming

Some carriers provide special cruise ship plans and packages that allow you to stay connected while for others, you can try out the international roaming option. These two are good options to access the internet onboard, especially if you are not interested in the onboard Wi-Fi services. Carriers that provide special cruise ship plans offer some very cost-effective plans for different routers. Before leaving on your cruise journey, you should inquire with your carrier or cellular service provider whether it offers any special cruise plans or not.

As far as international roaming is concerned, you will also have to confirm with your carrier whether they have coverage in the regions and countries you’ll be visiting during your cruise adventure or not. Special cruise plans are usually cost-effective and cost in the range of $20-30 while international roaming is an expensive option, and you might have to be careful with it.

Port Wi-Fi and Local SIM Card

Since you won’t be spending all of your time on a cruise ship during your cruise trip, you also have the option to use the Port Wi-Fi or buy a local SIM card. Both of these options are cost-effective and provide an easy and viable way to access the internet on a cruise trip while enjoying the MSC easy plus package. If you want to try out the port Wi-Fi, look for any public Wi-Fi network while you are ashore, and if you want to buy a local SIM card, do it and subscribe to an internet plan so that you can use the internet without any problem or restrictions.

Just keep in mind that public Wi-Fi networks on port might not be as secure as they deem to be, and you should be cautious about the information that you share over the network.

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