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Understanding Hotel Loyalty Programs & Rewards

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Hotel loyalty programs and rewards are exclusive offerings crafted by hotels to reward their loyal patrons. These initiatives are tailored to better serve customers and elevate customer care standards. Here, we will look at hotel loyalty programs and help you understand them effectively. Let’s get in!

What Are Hotel Loyalty Programs and Rewards?

Guests who frequent hotels are offered loyalty programs and awards tailored to their preferences.  All hotels typically provide these programs in order to improve the overall client experience and satisfaction level. These rewards offer many perks to the customers, such as room upgradation, free service, complimentary Wi-Fi, and food. Moreover, these programs also give customers special discounts. These rewards can be in the following forms:

  • Points: Most hotel loyalty programs and rewards give customers points. These points are for every dollar they spend during their stay. A higher score will increase your chances of winning exciting prizes and special offers. 
  • Free Stays and Upgrades: Hotel loyalty programs also allow customers to have a free stay at the hotel. Moreover, with these programs, customers can also get the chance to upgrade their rooms as per their preferences. If you are staying in Premier Inn, you will have the opportunity to use Premier Inn Free Wi-Fi
  • Late Check-Outs and Discounts: Hotel loyalty programs and rewards also give their customers a perk for late checkouts. They also receive exclusive discounts on numerous services.
  • Exclusive Events: Some programs organize exclusive events for their members, such as concerts, culinary experiences, and guided tours.
  • Flexible Redemption Options: Points can be redeemed for events beyond hotel stays, such as concert tickets, sports tickets, or adventure activities.

How do Hotel Loyalty Programs and Rewards work?

Hotel loyalty programs function by awarding points and scores to the customers who frequently stay at the hotel. They earn points for every dollar they spend on hotel amenities like food, entertainment, and spas. To obtain these points and benefits, join the program and receive a free membership card. Customers can use these points the way they want. Some highly valued initiatives include:

  • Wyndham Rewards – Members can earn points and redeem rewards at thousands of properties around the world with Wyndham Rewards.
  • World of Hyatt – A wide range of membership levels with unique amenities to suit every visitor.
  • Choice Privileges – Receive extra benefits such as discounts on select brands like United Petroleum and Naked Wines.
  • Best Western Rewards – Plenty of chances to earn additional points, and points never expire.
  • IHG Rewards Club – Tiered membership tiers tailored to the different demands of travelers. 

Why do Hotel Loyalty Programs and Rewards Matter?

Hotel loyalty programs and rewards are specially designed for certain reasons. Let’s discuss why they really matter:

  • Enhanced Customer Experience: These programs are to improve the customers’ experience by giving them extra perks. 
  • Save Money: Hotel loyalty programs and rewards help customers to save money. By giving extra points, the customers can get a discount on a range of services. 
  • VIP Treatment: Hotel loyalty programs and rewards really matter because they allow you to enjoy VIP treatment. 
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