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5 Steps to Follow in Lost Luggage Situations with Airlines

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Losing the luggage during travel is really inconvenient. This minor setback has the potential to fill your journey with stress. People usually panic and don’t follow the right steps to recover their lost luggage. So, let’s have a look at the five simple and easy steps to follow in lost luggage situations with airlines!

Stay Patient 

The foremost and pivotal aspect to bear in mind when handling misplaced luggage is to maintain patience. Follow the appropriate protocol and refrain from panicking. It’s typical to experience feelings of anxiety and impatience in such situations. However, fretting will not facilitate the return of your luggage. So, stay patient and calm, take a deep breath, and follow the next step. 

Look for your Missing Bag

Look elsewhere if you can’t find your luggage in the designated area. It might be possible that your luggage may be delivered to any nearby counter. So, patiently look around and try to find your luggage. You can also seek help and information from the airport staff. 

Contact the Airline and Report Your Loss

Look for the baggage claim desk and report your loss to the officer. Also, provide him with all the details and a copy of the bag tag you received at check-in. The officer will cross-check all the provided details and track your bag’s location. They will take immediate action to recover your lost luggage. You can also utilize the JetBlue website to report the loss and track the status of your claim online.

Get a Property Irregularity Report (PIR)

Fill out a Property Irregularity Report (PIR) when reporting your lost luggage. To finalize your claim, you should ask for a property Irregularity Report. This report proves your claim and contains all the relevant information and details about the bag, passenger, and flight. This PIR is really helpful if you have to file compensation for lost luggage against the airline. Also, using an online flight status checker can provide further updates on the status of your flight, aiding in the resolution of your lost luggage situation.

Keep all the Reports and Stay in Contact with Airline

Finally, keep all the reports and documents safe. These documents will assist you in monitoring your lost luggage online. You can enter your PIR number into an internet monitoring system that many airlines offer to track your misplaced luggage. Typically, the airline will retrieve your misplaced luggage within 48 hours. But, in case of delay, you must stay patient and in contact with the airline. 

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