Saturday, April 13, 2024
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Eric Jaremalm appointed CEO at Midsummer

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The Board of Swedish solar energy firm Midsummer has appointed Eric Jaremalm as its new CEO.

A co-founder of Midsummer 20 years ago, Jaremalm has extensive experience leading and developing international technology companies. Having played various key roles within Midsummer, including Executive Vice President, COO, and CFO, he has significantly contributed to its growth in the thin film solar cell industry.

“The board believes that Mr. Jaremalm contributes with great experience from the company, technical know-how and international sales work. In his various roles in the company, he has shown the ability to focus, prioritize and deliver, which is and will be of great importance for the work going forward,” said Robert Sjöström, Chairman of the Board, Midsummer.


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