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Driving Business Growth: Zoho honours Infolytics with the Key Business Contributor Award

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In the world of cloud business solutions, Zoho stands as a beacon of innovation, offering a suite of tools that redefine the way organizations operate. The Zoho Partner Key Business Contributor Award is a prestigious recognition that pays homage to trailblazers who have not only embraced the power of Zoho but have also significantly impacted the business landscape through inspiring customer success stories. At the recently held Zoho Inspire Dubai 2024 conference, Infolytics was honoured with this prestigious award for the second year in a row.

Unraveling the Significance

In 2023, Zoho crossed the milestone of having over 100 million users around the globe and highlighted Africa as one of its fastest-growing regions. The company has invested significantly in Africa and has regional offices in South Africa, Kenya, Egypt, and Nigeria. In addition, Zoho is hiring locally for customer-facing roles and will continue to do so over the next few years. Infolytics currently serves Zoho customers in more than eight countries around the globe and has regional teams in South Africa, Uganda, Zimbabwe, and Rwanda. CEO and Co-Founder of Infolytics, Tichaona Wadi says, “Digitalisation and adoption of CRMs, accounting, productivity and collaboration tools have immensely helped African businesses. We are honoured to be a part of the many success stories of our clients who have trusted us with their digital transformation journeys.” The Zoho Key Business Contributor Award is not just a mere accolade; it signifies a celebration of Zoho Partners that have leveraged Zoho’s suite of tools and platforms to drive customer success, boost business growth, and bring about positive change in their regions.

Breaking Down Barriers with Cloud-Based Solutions

Zoho’s ecosystem of cloud-based applications has revolutionised the way African businesses operate. By providing tools for everything from customer relationship management (CRM) to finance and project management, Zoho has enabled businesses to streamline their operations, break down silos, and foster collaboration. This shift from traditional, on-premises software to cloud-based solutions has been a game-changer for companies looking to scale efficiently and cost-effectively.

Infolytics predominantly serves the MEA region and recently released a case study on the Eventagrate Group. Eventagrate Group is a Dubai-based company that creates unforgettable virtual and in-person experiences using advanced digital technology. The company currently has a team of over 65 experts across six countries. The rapid growth of Eventagrate in 2019 made using standalone systems that did not communicate with one another increasingly challenging. It was difficult for their teams, particularly those working within Marketing, Customer Experience, Accounting, and Project Management to collaborate effectively as they completed their daily tasks. With the help of Infolytics, Eventagrate was able to use Zoho One to synchronise critical data across all their business applications. As a result, the barriers that were created by working in silos were broken and enabling their teams to collaborate seamlessly. Miguel Galvao, CEO and Co-Founder of Eventagrate Group says, “Zoho has been able to remove all the guesswork of what we are doing, and where we are going because we’ve now got actual data that’s synchronised across all of our applications.”

Enhancing Customer Relationships

Infolytics believes that enterprise software should be designed to help businesses of all sizes improve customer experience, boost productivity, increase sales, and drive revenue growth. Zoho has achieved this by providing a robust ecosystem of 50+ business applications that can be purchased separately or through affordable bundle offerings. Takunda Kowo, the COO and Co-Founder of Infolytics says, “In a continent where personal relationships and trust are paramount in business, Zoho’s CRM tools have been instrumental in helping our clients to build and maintain strong customer connections. We have also been able to use Zoho CRM to create personalized interactions with each of our clients.” Infolytic’s ability to track client interactions, analyse data, and provide personalized services has not only improved customer satisfaction but also contributed to increased customer loyalty and retention.

Supporting Digital Transformation

Zoho’s impact on business growth in Africa goes beyond providing software solutions. It is a partner in the digital transformation journey of many enterprises. By offering a suite of integrated applications, Zoho has facilitated a smoother transition for businesses looking to embrace digital technologies and stay competitive in an increasingly digital world. “What makes us different is that our entire business runs on Zoho from Human Resources to Marketing. We have fully absorbed Zoho into our entire operations. We enjoy working with Zoho products, and our team members are always pursuing the relevant Zoho certifications that we need to ensure that our customers receive the best Zoho services from qualified professionals”, says Tichaona Wadi, CEO and Co-Founder of Infolytics. This level of commitment has enabled Infolytic’s customers to access a pool of Zoho Consultants and Developers who have expert knowledge in Zoho’s software and how businesses can use it to drive successful digital transformation.

Looking Forward to the Rest of 2024

Infolytics’ impact on business growth in Africa is undeniable. By leveraging innovative and accessible cloud-based solutions such as Zoho, it has empowered businesses to overcome traditional challenges, embrace digital transformation, and thrive in a highly competitive market. “We are looking forward to the rest of 2024 and cannot wait to make an even bigger impact on businesses across the globe. We would not be here without our customers and strategic partners. We appreciate their support and value the relationships that we have built with them,” says Rufaro Kowo, Head of Digital Marketing and Customer Success – Infolytics. Schedule a free live demo here – and get all your questions answered.

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