Sunday, February 25, 2024
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Lüm Mobile Unveils Cutting-edge AI Virtual Agent

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Alepo is delighted to announce the launch of Lümbot, an advanced AI-powered virtual agent, SaskTel’s innovative all-digital mobile brand, to deliver a comprehensive all-digital customer support experience.

Residing on Lüm Mobile’s website, Lümbot utilizes the capabilities of Generative AI to offer subscribers an unparalleled level of interaction. In contrast to conventional chatbots constrained by predetermined rules, Alepo’s AI Virtual Agent possesses the ability to comprehend and engage in human-like customer service sessions through the use of the Large Language Model (LLM). The AI Virtual Agent not only understands nuanced subscriber interactions but also demonstrates a high task completion rate, as evidenced by a significant reduction in escalations to human agents since its soft launch late last year.

Lümbot dynamically adapts to conversations, understanding context and handling inputs. It continuously learns, fine-tuning for tasks, and improving proficiency in human-like language. Lümbot excels at maintaining context in conversations, utilizing backend IT systems to complete tasks for customers. Additionally, it goes beyond traditional virtual agents by intelligently adapting personas in real-time based on session context, offering a personalized experience for each user.

SaskTel President and CEO Charlene Gavel commented, “With the introduction of Lümbot, we are taking a significant leap forward in our digital journey, leveraging generative AI and LLM technology to enable a holistic, end-to-end digital customer service experience.”

Alepo CEO Sunil Diaz stated, “Alepo is proud to partner with Lüm Mobile in delivering an AI-driven solution that enhances its digital brand and boosts subscriber growth rates while effectively managing customer acquisition costs.”

Generative AI has experienced slower-than-expected adoption in digital customer service, primarily due to the inherent risk of inaccuracy with Large Language Models, often referred to as ‘hallucinations.’ Diaz added, “Through vertical fine-tuning and prompt engineering, we reduced error rates to below human agent levels, while increasing task completion rates, through automated IT system integration. This is the secret sauce.”

Seamlessly switches between Customer Service and Sales personas, effectively addressing customer problems, answering queries, selling upgrades, and providing relevant information while ensuring an accurate, enjoyable, and frustration-free chat experience.

Diaz concluded, “Alepo is reinventing Digital Customer Engagement. The days of rigid chatbots and frustrating IVRs are over.”


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