Monday, July 22, 2024
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Huawei and Verteco Address Load Shedding!

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Verteco and Huawei have partnered to introduce affordable power management solutions for homes, complexes, and SMEs.

The collaboration with MTN ensures business continuity for SMEs while partnering with Absa provides budget-friendly, unsecured financing for households.

The strategic alliance aims to make alternative and backup power solutions accessible to mid and lower-market segments affected by income loss and grid instability.

With Eskom implementing Level 6 load shedding and forecasting power shortfalls in 2024, investing in grid independence becomes crucial.

Vinny Perumal, CEO at Verteco, emphasizes the attractiveness of the Huawei Power-M, an all-in-one unit integrating an inverter and batteries, offering scalability and compatibility with solar panels.

“An all-in-one unit integrating an inverter and batteries, like the Huawei Power-M, is an attractive option. Best of all, such a solution lets you start small and grow your installation over time. Plus, it’s completely ready for solar panels, giving you the choice to use clean renewable energy for some of your needs, while saving money on electricity.”

Perumal notes that investing in alternative energy can enhance property value and beat the challenges of load shedding.

The Huawei Power-M system provides seamless backup power during outages, complies with South African standards, and allows modular expansion from 5kWh to 45kWh.

Perumal encourages households and SMEs to invest in future-proof backup power solutions to ensure continuous operation during outages and protect against rising power costs.

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