Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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Cybersecurity Threats on The Horizon in 2024

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Kaspersky recently presented a detailed forecast for the year 2024, building on ongoing analysis of the cybersecurity landscape, this segment of the KSB provides an in-depth look at the threats that consumers may face in the coming year.

The forecast points out to several challenges, where cybercriminals are increasingly leveraging both trending topics and advanced technologies. Here are some of the most prevalent threats that businesses and individuals alike should be on the look out for in 2024:

  1. Charity Scams: According to the UN, 2023 experienced the highest level of global violent conflicts since World War II. This elevated state of conflict, combined with the lasting consequences of the pandemic and ongoing climate disasters, has created a prime environment for charity scams. There will be a notable increase in these kinds of scams backed by the motivation to exploit the global crises.
  2. P2E Gaming Target: With substantial financial investment being made into P2E gaming and its appeal for high potential earnings, makes it a serious target for cybercriminals. The recent surge in Bitcoin’s value and the promise of easy money in gaming make it an extremely attractive target for attacks.
  3. Voice Deepfakes: As image deepfakes become more common, the progression towards voice deepfakes is accelerating. The recent launch of OpenAI’s Text-to-Speech (TTS) API, and its advanced capabilities to generate human-like speech, highlights significant progress in artificial voice technology. While this technology marks significant growth in innovation, it also presents an opportunity for misuse and exploitation. We will begin to see a rise in the exploitation of this technology, that will be used to create more convincing and accessible deceptive content, escalating the risks associated with deepfake technology.

 4. Internet Segmentation and the Rise of VPN Services: VPNs contribute towards bolstering user privacy as well as countering challenges like Internet segmentation and website geofencing, which are frequently byproducts of geopolitical shifts. These practices impose location-based restrictions on information access, but by using certain VPN clients, users can bypass these barriers, thereby enabling access to a broader spectrum of information. These capabilities together with the increasingly concerns over privacy and information accessibility, will give rise to a surge in the global demand for VPN solutions in the coming year.

5. Blockbuster Cyber Heists: At the onset of the new release of popular hollywood films like Deadpool 3, Joker 2, Gladiator 2, and Avatar 3 around the corner, scams are set to surge. The actors’ strike is predicted to lead to unauthorised transfers of new films, creating the ideal environment for phishing sites offering exclusive access. Gaming premiers are expected to attract the same kind of attacks. Classic schemes involving pre-order keys and enticing prices are expected to resurface as the gaming community eagerly embraces this release.

6. In-Game Currency: Should GTA VI make its debut in 2024, which is poised to be the gaming highlight of the year. The online nature of the game introduces in-game currency, attracting scams. Classic schemes involving pre-order keys and enticing prices are expected to resurface as the gaming community eagerly embraces this release.


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