Friday, March 1, 2024
No menu items! Transforms the Market in South Africa

Must Read, a recently launched online platform, is transforming the real estate industry for property buyers and sellers in South Africa.

The platform, created by Stefan van Niekerk and Marcel Koole, employs innovative technology to streamline the agent selection process, offering a unique solution for choosing the most suitable agent in any desired location.

With over 45,000 registered real estate agents, finding the right one can be challenging. addresses this by utilizing technology to compile authenticated sales data and client reviews, evaluating agents based on successful transactions in specific regions. This approach empowers buyers and sellers to make informed decisions, effortlessly identifying top-performing estate agents in their vicinity.

Van Niekerk, an attorney and conveyancer specializing in real estate law, and Koole, with a background in computer science and real estate ownership, envisioned a platform merging verified sales data, client reviews, and innovative technology to empower users in selecting the right estate agent.

The platform, born during the March 2020 lockdown, has close to 800 registered agents, and technology plays a crucial role by meticulously verifying all sales. The platform incorporates property data once officially transferred, independently verifying its accuracy. represents a shift in the traditional real estate model, offering transparency and a reliable way for both buyers and sellers to identify the best-suited estate agents in their desired areas. The platform’s data-driven rankings, transparent sales data, and technology-driven approach enhance the efficiency and informed experience of real estate transactions.

Koole believes their technology disrupts the status quo and standardizes how the public views and appoints estate agents. The platform independently ranks estate agents across various cities and neighborhoods in South Africa, using data points such as property type, location, price, sale date, and client reviews – all verified before publication. marks a pivotal shift in the South African property market, providing a transparent, technology-driven platform for identifying top-performing estate agents based on factual sales data.

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