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10 Essential ATM safety tips for a secure festive season

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The festive season is here, and with increased cash usage, consumers should be vigilant against heightened risks and fraud.

Zibu Nqala, CEO of FNB Points of Presence, advises extra caution, offering 10 essential ATM safety tips for a secure holiday:

1. Review ATM instructions before entering your PIN.
2. Avoid using visibly damaged or tampered ATMs.
3. If the ATM screen seems unusual, cancel the transaction.
4. Never disclose or write down your ATM PIN; keep it private.
5. Stay focused during transactions, avoiding distractions.
6. Shield the ATM keypad while entering your PIN.
7. Conceal cash before leaving to avoid unnecessary attention.
8. Set a reasonable daily withdrawal limit for added protection.
9. Be cautious of strangers urging a return to the ATM.
10. FNB’s cardless cash withdrawals at ATMs are safe and secure.

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