WATT Renewable Corporation and Clear Blue Technologies Forge Strategic Alliance

WATT Renewable Corporation announces strategic partnership with Clear Blue Technologies

WATT Renewable Corporation (WATT), an independent provider of hybrid solar solutions, has announced a strategic partnership with Clear Blue Technologies (CBT), a global leader in smart off-grid technology solutions.

This collaboration signifies the beginning of initiatives that aim to redefine the future of sustainable energy installations in Nigeria and across Africa. WATT specializes in hybrid solar energy solutions dedicated to reducing the carbon footprint through innovative technologies.

The partnership will integrate Clear Blue Technologies’ Esite-Micro and smart power management services in WATT’s upcoming installations, starting with 100 in Q1 and subsequent installations in 2024.

Backed by a $13M investment from Empower New Energy, WATT and Clear Blue Technologies speed up off-grid solar solutions for African telecom towers.

Oluwole Eweje, CEO of WATT, We are thrilled to embark on this strategic partnership with Clear Blue Technologies, fueled by the support of Empower New Energy. This collaboration represents a significant step forward in our shared mission to make clean energy accessible to all and build a greener future by harnessing the power of renewable energy technologies. Furthermore, with the foothold and network that Clear Blue has already within the African marketplace, it allows for significant scaling throughout the continent.”