Sunday, July 14, 2024
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Meta Introduces Subscription Fees for European Users

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Meta, formerly Facebook, is introducing monthly fees for European users of its social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram. This shift is in response to new European Union regulations that limit Meta’s data collection for personalized ads.

meta-subscription-facebook-instagram/, subscription service offers an ad-free experience on both platforms and exclusive content. Prices are €9.99 ($10.60) per month for web and €12.99 ($13.79) for mobile apps. Initially, one subscription covers all linked accounts, but from March 2024, additional accounts will incur a €6 ($6.37) monthly fee for web and €8 ($8.49) for mobile.

This move aligns with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), necessitating user consent for personalized ad data processing. A July ruling by the EU’s Court of Justice found Meta in violation of GDPR by transferring user data from Europe to the US without sufficient protections. As a result, Meta ceased using user data for personalized ads in Europe unless explicitly approved by users.

Meta will continue to offer ad-supported Facebook and Instagram versions in Europe. Users must opt-in to receive personalized ads; otherwise, they will see generic, non-targeted ads. Users can adjust their settings at any time to influence the ads they receive and the data used for these ads.

The subscription service launches in Europe in November 2023. Users can sign up through their Facebook or Instagram accounts or via a dedicated website. Meta plans to assess feedback and performance, exploring expansion to other regions in the future.

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