Liquid Dataport Collaborates Intelsat

Liquid Dataport, a subsidiary of Liquid Intelligent Technologies proudly announces its collaboration with Intelsat to enhance the availability of fast and reliable connectivity in Africa, especially during power disruptions.

A crucial aspect of this collaboration is Liquid’s service called ‘Service Continuity.’ Organizations can uphold business-critical applications during power outages by utilizing Liquid Dataport’s low-power satellite equipment, powered by solar panels or small generators. These services are currently operational in South Africa, with a focus on addressing challenges posed by load-shedding. Load-shedding is a method of distributing demand for electrical power across multiple sources and is employed to alleviate stress on an energy source when demand exceeds supply.

“Access to high-speed connectivity is indispensable for the digital transformation in Africa, as the continent endeavors to evolve into a digital economy. However, the adverse impact of intermittent electricity availability in recent years poses a significant obstacle to Africa’s digital aspirations. Through our collaboration with Intelsat, we can now assist businesses in maintaining connectivity even during load-shedding hours. This initiative will be a crucial asset in bridging the digital divide, ensuring that businesses are no longer affected by connectivity downtime,” states David Eurin, CEO of Liquid Dataport.

“The benefits of satellite technology are boundless. Leveraging our global network, we eagerly anticipate supporting Liquid Dataport’s efforts to help businesses in South Africa minimize disruptions caused by load shedding,” adds Rhys Morgan, VP – General Manager, EMEA Media and Networks Sales at Intelsat.

Liquid Dataport reaffirms its commitment to diversifying its product offerings and expanding its presence into more markets and regions, particularly those lacking access to reliable power. This collaborative relationship enhances our customers’ ability to operate anywhere on the continent and contributes significantly to Africa’s digital transformation, aligning with Liquid’s vision of a digitally connected Africa that leaves no one behind.