Pundi X unveils ”Pay via Email”

Pundi X

Pundi X, a pioneering developer of blockchain-based point-of-sale solutions, is excited to introduce the “Pay via Email” feature on its Web3-empowered XPOS point-of-sale platform. This groundbreaking feature marks the dawn of a new era in secure, efficient, and flexible cryptocurrency transactions for both physical and online outlets.

“Pay via Email” is not just a new feature; it stands as a powerful tool redefining the way physical business outlets and customers engage in transactions within the digital realm. This feature simplifies payments, offering myriad benefits that reshape customer interactions with cryptocurrencies in physical outlets.

Key benefits of “Pay via Email”:

1. Convenience Redefined: “Pay via Email” allows customers to pay using their email addresses, eliminating the complexity of operating hardware wallets onsite. Moreover, it offers the option for customers to “Pay Later at Home” using their preferred wallets, enabling them to initiate payments on the go and complete them at their convenience.

2. Efficiency Boost: Transactions processed with “Pay via Email” provide consumers with flexibility, reducing waiting times for both customers and merchants. This heightened efficiency enhances the overall payment experience, making it more streamlined and enjoyable.

3. Global Reach: Accessible to users worldwide, “Pay via Email” simplifies international transactions, enabling businesses to cater to a diverse customer base.

4. Invoicing Tool for Online Payment: A unique advantage of “Pay via Email” is its ability to empower merchants to issue invoices through XPOS for online payments. This capability simplifies high-value transactions and streamlines the purchase process for customers.

Zac Cheah, CEO and Co-founder of Pundi X expressed his enthusiasm about the launch: “Pay via Email is a transformative feature for Pundi X and the point-of-sale payment industry. It reflects our vision of creating a more accessible, flexible, and user-friendly payment ecosystem. By unveiling this feature we aim to demonstrate how it reshapes the future of decentralized finance and assists businesses in expanding their crypto payment offerings for their customers.”