Introducing Commvault Cloud powered by Metallic AI

Commvault, a  provider of cyber resilience and data protection solutions for hybrid cloud organizations unveils Commvault Cloud, powered by Metallic AI.

This unique platform aims to revolutionize how IT and security teams enhance cyber resilience amid non-stop cyber threats. Commvault Cloud consolidates all SaaS and software offerings on one platform, providing holistic management through a single interface.

The platform is purpose-built for cyber resilience, enabling users to predict threats, achieve clean recoveries, and accelerate threat response times at a low total cost of ownership.

“Achieving enterprise-grade cyber resilience is more than building taller walls or deeper moats. It requires a new approach that looks holistically across the entire landscape, from best-in-class data protection and security to AI-powered data intelligence and lightning-fast recovery,” said Sanjay Mirchandani, President and CEO, of Commvault. “With these advanced capabilities and a rich and growing partner ecosystem, our unique and consolidated platform is the new standard in cyber resilience.”

Advancing Cyber Resilience and Data Intelligence with AI and Commvault Cloud

Commvault introduces AI co-pilot Arlie-short for “Autonomous Resilience” facilitating 24/7 personalized assistance and actionable responses. Arlie will interface with generative AI models that not only consolidate information and reports but provide users with personalized actionable responses. For example, users may be able to use Arlie to verify or validate a clean point of recovery for critical systems or generate requested code in seconds.

Arlie will integrate on the backend with Azure OpenAI Service. New AI-enabled capabilities that support this type of personal/human interaction within Commvault Cloud will include:

  • Active insights: Gives users real-time threat analysis and report summaries showing the latest information about their cyber resiliency health, removing the need to sift through filters and reports to prioritize the most pressing information.
  • Code assistance: Offers a “no-code” way to build an integration or code an action: users simply type a description of what they want to do, and the code assistant will generate the code on the spot.
  • Custom walk-throughs: Provides context-sensitive, guided product walk-throughs that make it easy for users to set up, customize, and tune Commvault Cloud to their specifications. They simply ask “how to” questions and receive step-by-step documentation with annotated screenshots.
  • Root cause remediation: Constantly monitors the performance of Commvault Cloud using generative AI to find issues and offer real-time recommendations on how to optimize cyber resilience. The platform also includes advanced threat prediction, Cloudburst Recovery, and Cleanroom Recovery services. Commvault Cloud is available through private offers on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace.

Ushering New Opportunities for Customers on Oracle Cloud Marketplace

Customers can now access Commvault Cloud through private offers on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace, a centralized repository of Oracle and partner applications. Through this integration, customers can now procure and provision tested Commvault solutions directly from the Oracle Cloud Marketplace.