Hytera to unveil Innovations at Africa Tech Fest

Hytera Communications will feature its latest innovations in intrinsically safe (IS) communication devices, including smartphones and two-way radios, at this year’s Africa Tech Festival from November 13 to 16 in Cape Town.

Alongside new product releases, Hytera will present its full range of mission and business-critical communication solutions, empowering industrial and government users from Southern African countries and beyond to work safely and efficiently.

New and Enhanced Features

Drawing upon over three decades of experience in IS electronics development, Hytera’s latest devices incorporate robust IS circuits, explosion-proof batteries, anti-static technology, and dual antimagnetic mechanisms, minimizing the risk of explosion due to overheating or electronic sparks.

These enhancements reflect Hytera’s commitment to enhancing workplace safety while maintaining performance. Key product releases include the PNC460U IS Smart Device, HP79XEx IS DMR Portable Two-way Radio, and PT890Ex IS TETRA Portable Radio.

Explosion Proof Smartphone

The PNC460U is a UL913-certified explosion-proof ruggedized smartphone, designed to enable data-rich productivity applications in industrial settings with explosive gas and combustible dust.

It features a physical push-to-talk (PTT) key for seamless integration of smartphone capabilities and Push-to-talk over Cellular (PoC) radio functions, providing an intuitive way to initiate group calls.

Mark Zheng, Director of Hytera Southern Africa, highlights that these new devices position the company as the sole vendor offering IS devices across three communication protocols, including DMR, TETRA, and PoC.

These innovative devices are set to enhance safety and connectivity across industrial sites, such as oil refineries, pipelines, chemical plants, and mining sites.

Relocation of Southern African Headquarters

Hytera’s product launch in the South African market aligns with the company’s global expansion plan and commitment to the Southern African region, following the relocation of its Southern African headquarters to Maxwell Office Park in Johannesburg.

Hytera dedicates itself to introducing cutting-edge technological innovations to the Southern African market, contributing to the enhancement of workplace safety, efficiency, and regional economic growth.