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Countries with the Most Expensive Internet

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Connectivity is the fuel of modern society, and its availability, reliability and affordability is everything when it comes to the way just about anything and everything operates. The more we move into a digital economy, and technology begins to infiltrate every aspect of modern life, the more connectivity matters.

This month, the analyst team at Picodi, a global ranking website, took a closer look at internet prices around the world. They examined the price lists of 364 ISPs in 85 countries worldwide and created a ranking of countries with the most and the least affordable internet access.

Only the largest internet providers offering unlimited home internet access via fibre or the most advanced technology available in the country were used to determine the pricing in the report. Offers with different packages of services, like internet + TV or internet + access to paid subscription services were omitted. ISPs offering their services in few regions or cities were also not included in the survey.

Here are the key highlights from the report: 

  • Top 5 countries with the most expensive internet are; Norway, Iceland, Australia, Switzerland, Ireland.
  • On average 100Mbps internet plan costs $46.60 on average, while the cheapest access to the 1Gbps bandwidth is available at $58.90.
  • Norway has the most expensive internet worldwide at $79.40 FOR 100Mbps.
  • Russia enjoys the cheapest internet in the world at $5.60 for 100Mbps.
  • According to Picodi’s report, 1 Gbps internet plans have become cheaper and have reduced by an average of 15% since 2019.
According to the latest data, the average internet speed worldwide is 85 Mbps. However, in order to perform basic activities on modern devices like watching movies in 4K UHD quality on popular streaming platforms, a bandwidth between 15 Mbps and 50 Mbps is sufficient.
African countries that ranked as being the most expensive are South Africa with an average price of $46.6 and Nigeria at $46.4 for 100 Mbps.
Globally, countries with the cheapest internet are Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Vietnam, Moldova, India, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, and Latvia with an average starting price of between $5 up to $10 for 100Mbps.
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