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How is cyberbullying impacting children’s online behavior?

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Cyberbullying, cyber-attacks, and cybersecurity are rapidly evolving issues, posing a daunting challenge for parents striving to protect their children.

Shocking research reveals that many kids are unaware of their online actions constituting cyberbullying until harm is done. Online platforms have sadly become breeding grounds for various forms of abuse, deeply affecting youngsters’ self-esteem. Navigating this complexity can feel like an ever-changing maze for parents.

Stephen Osler, co-founder and business development director at Nclose, highlights the dilemma parents face. He emphasizes the need for balance amid the surge in technology at home and school, as all families, regardless of their tech-savvy, are at risk of cybercrime and cyberbullying. However, parents often find themselves unsure of the best approach, yearning for security to shield their children.

Though there is guidance available for parents in dealing with online challenges, it’s crucial to recognize that this issue affects everyone. Parents might discover that their child is a bully, while children may realize they are engaging in bullying. These realizations underscore the problem’s profound impact.

Osler stresses the fine line parents must tread, allowing kids to explore the digital world while making wise online decisions. Children cannot often recognize when they’ve crossed boundaries. To address this, there’s a need for accessible and supportive safety nets, provided by specialized apps designed to help children become digitally savvy and make smarter decisions.

Osler advocates for more education on safe and responsible online behavior, managing time spent online, recognizing risks, and appropriate responses. These tools empower children and parents, providing a sense of control.

As social media and online channels introduce new risks, Osler points out that disappearing messages and ghosting can have lasting emotional impacts. Education is key to addressing these challenges, helping children understand what constitutes harmful behavior, how to protect themselves, and how to seek help from adults.

To illustrate, consider online actions like toothpaste squeezed out onto a plate; once it’s out there, it can’t be put back in. Digital education is crucial to empower parents and kids, ensuring they feel in control.

In conclusion, addressing the complex issues of cyberbullying and online safety requires a combination of education and technological tools to empower children and their parents.

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