Google’s Inaugural ‘AI First’ Cohort Takes the Stage

Google has unveiled the first cohort for its ‘Google for Startups Accelerator: AI First’ program. The 11 startups, selected from a pool of innovative talent, use cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence to address Africa’s and global challenges.

These startups will undergo a 10-week accelerator journey, gaining Google’s AI expertise, $350k in Google Cloud Credits, mentorship, technical guidance, and networking opportunities.

The selected startups include:

– Avalon Health (South Africa): Streamlines online healthcare access for patients and offers digital tools to enhance doctor care.
– Chatbots Africa (Ghana): Drives SMEs into the Social Commerce era with AI-driven online storefronts.
– Dial Afrika Inc (Kenya): Customizes customer support tools for global businesses, focusing on African SMBs.
– Famasi Africa (Nigeria): Develops the OS for pharmacies in emerging markets.
– Fastagger Inc (Kenya): Amplifies sales and loyalty for MSMEs using AI.
– Garri Logistics (Ethiopia): Digitizes freight brokerage and transport services.
– Izifin (Nigeria): Provides an end-to-end credit infrastructure via API for small businesses.
– Lengo AI (Senegal): Launches the first Data-Driven OS for the Informal Sector.
– Logistify AI (Uganda): Reduces inventory losses in industrial facilities.
– Telliscope (Ethiopia): Offers an AI-enabled business intelligence platform.
– Vzy (Nigeria): Revolutionizes website building with AI-driven tools for quick site creation.

Folarin Aiyegbusi, Head of Startup Ecosystem, Africa, emphasizes Google’s commitment to making AI innovation easy and scalable. The chosen startups leverage AI to address local and global challenges, and Google aims to support and amplify their impact.

Adeola Ayoola, CEO/Co-founder of Famasi Africa (Nigeria), notes the significance of joining the program, confident it will help scale AI-powered digital health solutions and improve healthcare outcomes.

Google continues its support for African startups since 2017, collectively raising $263 million and creating over 2,800 job opportunities.