E-Hygiene Shop Could Potentially Save Billions from Infections

A company called Chil Femtech Center Inc a B2B Hub and Spoke Telemedicine service provider, launches an E-Hygiene Shop. The service that is a first of its kind, is an online platform that may significantly enhance the hygiene standards in partner health facilities across Africa.

One Step Towards Reducing Global Infection Rates

The groundbreaking initiative comes in the wake of alarming statistics from the World Health Organization (WHO), highlighting that half of the health facilities worldwide are bereft of basic hygiene essentials such as water, soap, or alcohol-based hand rubs at crucial points of care and toilets, thereby exposing approximately 3.85 billion individuals to heightened infections risks.

Integrated E-Pharmacy Model

The E-Hygiene Shop, integrated on an E-pharmacy model, is set to address this grave
concern by offering an array of medically proven hygiene products from globally
recognized producers like Reckitt.

The platform is initially rolled out for our partner rural clinics and school sickbays, with
plans to extend the service to other healthcare facilities in the near future.

Dr. Shamim Nabuuma, the co-founder and CEO of Chil Femtech Center, emphasized
the criticality of this venture, stating, “It is unacceptable for a patient to walk into a
health facility for treatment, only to contract an additional ailment due to inadequate
hygiene standards. Our E-Hygiene Shop is a bold step towards ensuring that patients
receive care in infection-free environments, which is pivotal for their complete

Buy Now Pay Later Scheme

The initiative also encompasses a flexible ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ scheme, facilitating
health facilities to promptly upgrade their hygiene standards without facing financial

This move is in alignment with Chil Femtech Center’s steadfast commitment to equip
partner health facilities with the requisite technology and resources to align with the
standards of world-class health facilities based in urban centers.