Vodacom Business launches SD-WAN solution for SMEs

Image sourced from SABC News.

Vodacom Business has partnered with Cisco Meraki to launch SD-WAN Express, a software-defined wide area network solution aimed at small to medium enterprises (SMEs).

Empowering SMEs with Affordable and Efficient Networking Solutions

This collaboration offers SMEs access to reliable and cost-effective networking solutions, addressing their IT challenges as they continue to embrace digitalization and operate from multiple locations. SD-WAN Express leverages virtualization, application-level policies, and network overlays to ensure high-quality, reliable connectivity. The solution is flexible, customizable, and scalable to meet the specific needs and budgets of SMEs, ultimately boosting productivity and reducing IT-related costs. SMEs play a crucial role in the economy, and this partnership aims to empower them with advanced technology affordably and efficiently.

Johnny Dos Santos, Managing Executive: Fixed Services at Vodacom South Africa, stated, “This forms part of our ambition to drive an inclusive digital society, where businesses across all sectors have access to the opportunities of digital technology to find success now and into the future.”

Vodacom Business’s partnership with Cisco Meraki brings SD-WAN Express to small and medium enterprises, offering reliable and cost-effective networking solutions. This initiative aims to empower SMEs with the benefits of digital technology while addressing their IT challenges efficiently and affordably. SMEs are essential to the economy, and this partnership aims to support their growth through advanced networking solutions.