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Dell Technologies Ushers in New Era of Storage Collaboration with First Strategy

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Dell Technologies has officially introduced its Partner, First Strategy for Storage- a groundbreaking initiative that designates over 99% of Dell’s existing and potential customer base as partner-led storage sales.

This innovative go-to-market strategy seamlessly amalgamates the expertise and expansive reach of partners with Dell’s renowned team and comprehensive storage portfolio, encompassing cutting-edge data protection solutions. The ultimate goal of this strategy is to deliver truly transformative outcomes for customers.

With immediate effect, Dell is taking concrete actions to reinforce this strategy:

  •  Enhancing Compensation: Dell is augmenting compensation for its sales personnel when they facilitate storage transactions through partners. This step is designed to incentivize Dell’s sales representatives to actively collaborate with partners on storage-related deals.
  •  Expanding Partner of Record Eligibility: Dell is quadrupling the number of storage Partner of Record (POR)-eligible resale accounts. This expansion aims to provide greater predictability in engagements and interactions to strengthen collaborative efforts.

Throughout the first half of 2023, Dell Technologies has reaffirmed its dedication to fostering innovation & growth while nurturing partner ecosystems in conjunction with its partners by strategically positioning itself at the epicenter of the technology landscape. The rapid advancements in Artificial Intelligence, multi-cloud solutions, cybersecurity, and edge computing have led to an unprecedented surge in data generation, intensifying the demand for reliable data storage solutions.

Over the recent months, Dell Technologies has engaged in extensive consultations with its partner network to identify collaborative approaches for seizing the burgeoning opportunities presented by this landscape. The resounding feedback underscored the importance of enhanced collaboration, greater predictability, and reinforced teamwork. In direct response to this feedback, Dell has unveiled its all-encompassing global Partner First Strategy for Storage.

At the heart of this strategy lies the steadfast commitment to growth through partnerships. With immediate effect, more than 99% of Dell’s current and potential clientele will be considered partner-first for storage solutions. This transformative approach represents a strategic investment in the partner ecosystem and embodies the sheer strength of collaboration.

Doug Woolley, General Manager of Dell Technologies, emphasizes the significance of this strategy by stating, “We are fostering heightened partner collaboration by providing increased compensation to Dell sellers engaged in storage transactions facilitated through partners. This initiative serves to motivate our sales representatives to collaborate closely with partners on storage-related deals.”

Dell boosts engagement predictability by quadrupling eligible accounts for storage Partner of Record (POR) status, ensuring enhanced consistency. Partner’s storage POR status prompts Dell sales collaboration on opportunities within the account, following set Rules of Engagement.

Partners benefit from Dell’s Partner Programme, retaining rebates and incentives, including acquisition-based rewards for new Partner of Record accounts.

Woolley remarks, “Dell stands as the unparalleled leader in enterprise storage solutions, known for delivering reliable and efficient products. Our partners, possessing remarkable expertise and expansive reach, complement this reputation perfectly. Through the Partner First Strategy for Storage, inclusive of robust Data Protection solutions, we now have an exceptional collective opportunity to amplify our businesses in unison and achieve extraordinary outcomes through even deeper collaboration.”

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