CyborgIntell Unveils Powerful Enhancements to Zero-Code AI Platform

CyborgIntell, a pioneer in AI focused on converting end-data into value, introduces two significant additions to its zero-code AI platform for the finance and insurance sectors. The new suite features a Feature Store and Model Risk Management (MRM).

Automated Features

The Feature Store automates the generation of thousands of new features from raw data, streamlining data preparation for modeling, saving 90% of time spent in this phase. These features provide insights into transaction behaviors, patterns, payment preferences, and more, aiding AI and ML model training.

The Feature Store offers automated data pipelines for model deployment, reducing errors and risks. It provides pre-built features for lending, banking, and insurance, enhancing operational efficiency.

Real-Time Monitoring

The Model Risk Management (MRM) tool monitors over 60 parameters in real-time, offering model, feature, and data drift reports, along with early warning indicators for AI failures and root cause analysis. MRM instills trust in AI deployments.

Bryan McLachlan,Managing Director: Africa at CyborgIntell, says: “Data scientists should be spending their time solving business problems rather than on complex, but repetitive work that can now be done by an efficient, zero-code platform.

Feature Store and MRM allows financial services institutions to vastly accelerate ROI from AI deployments, rapidly unlock business value and scale deployment.”

Both additions empower financial institutions to derive value from their data efficiently, with streamlined operations, faster decisions, and a significant return on investment.