A Decade of Innovation: HUAWEI’s Impact on Wearable Health Technology

In 2014, HUAWEI entered the wearables market with the HUAWEI TalkBand B1. Over a decade, they expanded their smart wearables with innovative technology, design, and materials.

The Development of HUAWEI’s Wearable Health Technology

Throughout the past decade, HUAWEI made significant advancements in wearable technology:

– 2016: Introduced HUAWEI TruSeen™ 1.0 for vital signs monitoring.Celebrating a Decade of Innovation: HUAWEI’s Impact on Wearable Health Technology
– 2017: Developed sensor solutions for six types of heart rate monitoring.
– 2018: Achieved 24-hour continuous heart rate monitoring with TruSeen™ 3.0.
– 2019: Over 100 million users registered with HUAWEI Health App.
– 2020: Integrated ECG sensor into TruSeen™ 4.0 for electrocardiogram detection and continuous blood oxygen monitoring.


Their research-led approach resulted in features like TruSleep™, TruRelax™, and TruSport™, offering heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen surveillance, and stress tracking.

HUAWEI Health has applied for 800+ patents and contributed to the 2020 ESC Guidelines on Atrial Fibrillation. In 2022, the HUAWEI WATCH D launched globally with hybrid blood pressure measurement technology.


HUAWEI HEALTH’S Patent Contributions and Global Expansion

HUAWEI Health collaborates with partners, and conducts research on sleep disorders, sports recovery, childhood development, and digital healthcare solutions, driving advancements in health management.

With 10 research institutes and 3 fitness and health laboratories in China and plans for European labs, HUAWEI has shipped over 130 million smartwatches and has 450 million active users globally.

Partnering for Success

HUAWEI continues to work on improving the accuracy of wearable health monitoring through partnerships and advanced algorithms, aiming to enhance the user experience.

Over the past decade, HUAWEI’s relentless pursuit of excellence has transformed the wearable technology industry, empowering users worldwide to prioritize their health.