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What is All The Rage About The New Twitter Rival Threads?

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Twitters new rival platform THREADS is making waves since their debut on July 6 2023, the app is officially the fastest to have reached 100 million users in just 5 days of its debut. Developed by Meta, it has officially surpassed ChatGPT as the fastest-growing consumer product. Statistics show that its rival app twitter, has lost 11% of its traffic sinse its launch.

Threads vs Twitter

So what is all the rage about this new app and what makes it better or equal to Twitter? According to a review, the text-centric app, that is yet to be further enhanced and developed is found to be very similar to Twitter in its functionality yet it lacks certain features that Twitter has perfected.

Like Twitter the app supports images and video content for in-the-moment content, but unlike Tiktok and Instagram that has a visual focus on short-form videos and high resolution imagery, Threads focus is more on text.

Threads does also push spam-like posts that have been heavily circulated, regardless of whether they are relevant to the user or not. One disadvantage of the app is that it lacks a topical search functionality and word specific search option.

Threads Killer Feature

There is a reason why Threads got so many sign-ups so quickly. Threads has a killer feature that allows Instagram users to sign-up or login from inside the app. If you’re logged into an Instagram account on your phone, the app offers a simple login button.

Your Instagram username is reserved in Threads, and you can port over an entire bio and profile picture with just a few taps.

Another significant feature is the option it provides to  automatically follow everyone you follow on Instagram and vice versa. This feature offer gives you a nice head start at building a community.

In terms of how the app will be built out, we have yet to see what its next move will be. According to a report in UK’s Independent, app developers will be fixing major problems that it has recently picked up.

The killer feature that allows Instagram users to sign-in presents a new problem. Although it allows for easy access, it doesn’t allow users to easily switch between the two accounts after logging in.


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