Kenya’s First Virtual University Launches

Kenya| The launch of Kenya’s first fully-fledged online university is a milestone achievement for Africa’s education sector, one that is surely to spearhead a movement towards online education that will establish it as a new norm across the African continent. The public University will be the first of its kind in Africa.

The National Open University of Kenya, with 7100 students officially enrolled in 8 of its programmes will start in September. According to The Star, The University offers two postgraduate programmes: Leadership and Accountability and Learning Design and Technology.

The institution aims to provide opportunities and skills to the youth, elderly, Persons with Disabilities, minorities, and marginalized groups. They intend to do this by adopting an Open and Distance e-learning approach that will incorporate flexible learning methods.

Flagship bachelor programs include a Bachelor of Data Science, Bachelor of Science in Cyber and Digital Forensics, Bachelor of Technology Education, Bachelor of Entrepreneurship and Business, Bachelor of Economics and Statistics, and Bachelor of Agri-Technology and Food Systems.

The courses also boast affordability with modules starting at a cost of Sh10,400 and Sh10,900. Post-graduate diploma courses cost Sh130,000 per year. Full-time students are expected to take between 4 and 6 modules.

The University’s movement toward an e-learning model will ease the pressure exerted on physical facilities in universities and remove the rigidity of the need for fixed classroom attendance.

According to the Kenyan Investment Authority, the model also assures uniformity in programs allowing many students to pursue standardized quality programs. The need for the National Open University in Kenya provides an investment opportunity in infrastructure development and provision of equipment.

Business Daily points out that the National Assembly officially approved the request by the Cabinet Secretary for Education for the establishment of the Open University of Kenya.