William Mzimba Retires From Vodacom Business

After five years of dedicated service, William Mzimba, Chief Officer of Vodacom Business in South Africa, has decided to retire. His official departure from the company is scheduled for the end of September 2023.

Sitho Mdlalose, CEO of Vodacom South Africa, Expresses Gratitude

Sitho Mdlalose, CEO of Vodacom South Africa, expresses his appreciation for William Mzimba’s contributions to the growth of Vodacom Business.

Under Mzimba’s leadership, Vodacom’s SmartGov initiative successfully implemented smart metering solutions, improved revenue assurance for municipalities, enhanced citizen engagement, and enabled smart asset management.

The company wishes him the best for his future endeavors and will announce his successor soon.

William Mzimba’s Impactful Leadership and Achievements

During his tenure, William Mzimba played a pivotal role in spearheading Vodacom Business’s enterprise units in Africa, leading a team with a mission to drive digital transformation across various industries and markets for businesses and governments.

Launching the “Turn To Us” Program

William Mzimba initiated the “Turn To Us” program, a solutions-oriented initiative encouraging businesses of all sizes to partner and collaborate with Vodacom Business, ultimately contributing to their success and bottom line.

Diversifying the IoT Business and Strengthening Vodacom’s Position

Under his guidance, Vodacom Business diversified its IoT business through strategic acquisitions, expanding its reach to include Vodafone markets and solidifying the company’s position as a leader in IoT.

Farewell Remarks from William Mzimba

Reflecting on his time at Vodacom, William Mzimba shares his gratitude for witnessing remarkable growth and success.

He acknowledges the combined efforts of the executive team and employees in helping numerous organizations transform their challenges into opportunities.

He is confident that Vodacom Business will continue to turn challenges into possibilities, upholding the spirit of “Turn To Us.”

Passion for Education and Pandemic Initiatives

Driven by his passion for education, William Mzimba spearheaded Vodacom’s Connected Education initiative during the pandemic lockdown, providing education to a million students, vaccinating 40 million citizens, connecting farmers, and supporting small-scale farming.

William Mzimba played a pivotal role in repositioning Vodacom’s Cloud, Hosting, and Security business through a strategic partnership with Amazon Web Services, leading to the formation of the Vodacom Amazon Business Group.

This move transformed Vodacom into a comprehensive multi-cloud provider, delivering cloud-first solutions.