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Vidverto: Taking Your Video Ad Monetization to the next level!

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Built with top-of-the-line technology, Vidverto is a versatile video content and monetization platform that provides high-quality advertising solutions for publishers. We have designed Vidverto to let publishers discover amazing video content and earn money through video monetization.

Incepted in 2014, Vidverto started its journey in Poland as a startup with innovative ideas, and after eight successful years, it has made its presence in major states like Latin America, Ukraine, Africa, Europe, and Arab. It is a matter of great pride that, presently, we are a family of 1200+ publishers who joined our hands to reach new 400M users.

  • What Type of Services does Vidverto Offer in Africa?

Vidverto is a one-stop platform that helps publishers increase Revenue Per Mile (RPM) through content video SSP, video content management area, and curated content galley. We provide a Native Video Unit that uses a bidding algorithm based on real-time data processing. It works as a native video recommendation widget that is placed between content pages.

We are connected to several monetization platforms that run Ads; however, publishers just need to add Native Widget Code to website content or the content banners. Once the code is added to the required content, the widget can access the video Ads to the selected content.

A single Native Widget Code has 3 primary keys that help publishers in-stream video inventory from their pages, thus generating revenue.

  • The first key is the excellent Google Page Speed Index of 1000ms, where we prioritize fast Ad technology.
  • The second is enhanced video content recommendations. Vidverto has its own video content library with 10k+ video recommendations on multiple subject matters. It also allows publishers to integrate and customize their own videos in the widget. Apart from this, if any user wishes to connect their YouTube videos, they can easily connect the video of their choice.
  • The third is the top-rated SSPs such as Google Ad Exchange, MediaMath, OpenX,  Pubmatic, and others.

To sum up:
In Africa, we have announced our advanced Native Video Widget that comprises player+monetization+video content that helps publishers to increase their revenue per mile by in-stream video inventory.

  • What is the Estimated Profit Vidverto can Offer to Publishers in Africa?

We have already been working with numerous publishers in Africa. We are proud to share that our technology has successfully provided enhanced video content to publishers, generating new in-stream audiences and custom widgets on websites. Overall, our estimated fill rate in Africa is  60% to 90%, with average eCPM up to 2 USD, which is 3 times higher revenue compared to Display blocks.

  • Does Vidverto offer any other services apart from New Video Ads Revenue?

In addition to video ads revenue, Vidverto also offers other services such as optimized video content, site speed, customized solutions, enhanced user experience, and much more.

  • Vidverto offers custom solutions to publishers for generating higher revenue rates and enhanced user experience. Publishers can easily make new videos and stream them on their websites. We provide customized widgets as per the requirement of the publisher. It also enables them to integrate their YouTube channels into widgets and connect the desired videos.
  • Publishers can also optimize their content by subscribing to our Ads.txt validator services. We prioritize video-based content where publishers can also create Ad tech structures using stream inventory other than generating out-stream inventory. It is important to note that these videos are approved by Google Ad Exchange and are an efficient way of video monetization.
  • We also provide Site Speed services. Our high-tech site speed is based on Google Data recommendations. Publishers can get their site speed evaluated by our experts. As per the evaluation, a speed improvement recommendation is provided.
  • We also have a digital marketing team that provides Search Engine Optimization services and can help you generate web traffic, create a broad user base, and improve website rankings.

Vidverto’s consistent effort is to help publishers unlock their full video monetization potential through the use of optimized media widgets that can be natively included in the content.

By Artem Ovsianychenko, CEO 

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