South Africa: Konica Minolta launches Innovation Centre

The days of one-size-fits-all printing solutions are long gone. Today, businesses across all industries demand bespoke responses to all their printing, production, digital office and document management requirements. And Konica Minolta remains one of the premier commercial services providers that these discerning organisations turn to for precisely such innovative solutions.

The reason isn’t difficult to see. Konica Minolta SA’s commitment to making innovation one of the solid cornerstones on which it delivers its unique selection of print, document management, structured business, and digital office services has made it the trusted technology solutions partner that many South African businesses know they can rely on, today and into the future.

And now Konica Minolta SA has transformed this innovation commitment from a client promise to a tangible experience, with the opening of the new Konica Minolta SA Innovation Centre.

According to Edmund Jacobs, Product Manager for Production Print at Konica Minolta South Africa, the Innovation Centre revolutionises the concept of an office equipment showroom and provides a unique and unintimidating space where businesses can get real-world experience of the power and versatility of Konica Minolta SA’s world-leading, technically advanced print production equipment and technical solutions.

“This Innovation Centre is not just a place where people can come to have a look at the technology solutions we provide,” Jacobs explains, “it’s the tangible expression of our deep commitment to harnessing the power of innovation to go far beyond what our clients, and businesses in general, think print technology can enable them to achieve.”

He explains that the Innovation Centre is stocked with working models of all the latest equipment available from Konica Minolta SA, covering the full range of printing, processing, document management, and office connectivity solutions. And visitors to the Centre have the opportunity to literally put all these solutions through their paces.

“The Innovation Centre is really a centre of technology excellence,” Jacobs explains, “which epitomises Konica Minolta SA’s strategic intent and commitment to be the first-choice technology partner for all South African businesses.”

Importantly, seeing multifunctional devices in action is not the only benefit that the Innovation Centre offers clients. The centre also doubles as a staff training facility, where employees across the organisation, branches and dealerships can gain an understanding of the capabilities offered by the business. “This ensures that anyone engaging with Konica Minolta SA enjoys seamless and knowledgeable service,” Jacobs says, “irrespective of the touchpoints through which they access the organisation.”

According to Jacobs, the Innovation Hub also demonstrates Konica Minolta’s understanding of the ongoing evolution of business needs and the fast-changing, highly competitive environments in which they operate.

“As business that has built its global success on innovation, the Innovation Centre is a natural extension of our commitment to partnering with clients of all shapes and sizes,” Jacobs says, “in order to help them pinpoint their commercial needs, identify the right solution to meet those requirements, and provide a tangible base from which we can grow our long-term relationships with our clients, to support their growth journeys into the future.”

Some of the cutting-edge multifunctional devices available to experience at the Innovation Centre includes the world leading Accurio range of printers, presses and pre-press software solutions. Visitors to the centre can also see the industry leading Dispatcher Paragon document and web-to-print management applications in operation and discover the powerful tools it offers to improve their print, copy and scan workflows, thereby increasing productivity levels and controlling costs.  And Jacobs says that new solutions will regularly be added to the solutions on display at the Innovation Centre.

“The Innovation Centre offers a unique opportunity for businesses to bring in their real-world printing or workflow management needs, or send them to us digitally,” Jacobs says, “and discover for themselves how Konica Minolta SA’s combination of best-in-class technology and our passion for innovation-led excellence, makes us the reliable, solutions-driven partner they need to support their growth ambitions.”


Staff writer