Liquid Telecom Announces New Identity in Uganda

Liquid Telecom has unveiled its new identity as Liquid Intelligent Technologies in Uganda. As part of the rebrand, the pan-African technology group also revealed its plan to go from being a telecommunications and digital services provider to a full one-stop-shop technology.

Over the last two decades, Liquid has established itself as a leading pan-African digital infrastructure provider with an extensive network spanning over 73,000 KM. This rebrand to Liquid Intelligent Technologies highlights the organisation’s expansion of its Cloud business, Cyber Security services, and other technologies added to its existing telecoms and connectivity capability.

This also furthers the Group’s aim of accelerating growth by providing tailor-made digital solutions to businesses in the public and private sectors across the continent. This strategic rebrand reflects Liquid’s new digital-first product offerings, enabling employees and customers to interact with each other digitally irrespective of the time or location.

“Over the last 20 years, Uganda has seen immense investment focus by the Government towards the ICT sector as the country steadily transforms into a digitally-led economy. Vital to this transformation is the strategic public-private partnerships with organizations that have helped create an ICT framework, introduce a holistic approach to Cyber Security for organizations,” says Dennis Kahindi, CEO of Liquid Intelligent Technologies Uganda.

“The golden thread that ties all these technologies seamlessly is the national backbone infrastructure that the World Bank-funded. With our intelligent technology offerings, Liquid Uganda will help customers embrace modern technologies and ideologies, especially in improving organizational excellence. Our customers in the country will benefit from our pan-African presence and our extensive African Intelligence that has been bringing local solutions to local challenges.”

Edited by Jenna Delport
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