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DiDi Ride-Hailing Service to Rival Uber in South Africa

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Jenna Delport
Jenna Delport
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DiDi Chuxing Technology Co has announced it would launch a ride-hailing service in South Africa. The Chinese company already has more than 600 million users across Asia, Latin America & Russia.

In a statement, DiDi says it “understands the challenges [South African] communities and the transportation industry face with the evolution of urban mobility (rideshare) and as a result is committed to creating the freedom and convenience to go places, open up horizons and give access to new experiences through our platforms.”

The company then reveals that it’s now on a mission to help South Africans “move freely and to unlock their potential and that of the cities they live in”.

UberGo Launches in South Africa

Uber has launched its low-cost ride-hailing service UberGo in South Africa.

“Due to the successful launch of UberGo in Port Elizabeth in 2017, we have decided to change the name of UberNam to UberGo, in order to follow the global Uber standard and to easily expand this option across South Africa,” reads a statement from the company.

“We also understand that the name led to some confusion regarding a ride-sharing product, which we do not have in South Africa. Therefore, when you open your Uber app, you will see UberGo. This product is in addition to the current suite of products such as UberX and UberBlack.”

UberGo comes with smaller, fuel-efficient vehicles, with fares priced more affordably than before. Riders and drivers can expect the same door-to-door safety features such as an in-app emergency button, Injury Protection, 24/7 support, including driver background checks and screenings.

To continue riding with UberGo, simply open the Uber app and request UberGo.

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