ahomé Cloud as a Service, a New Generation Multi-Cloud Management Tool

In February 2021, Cloud Inspire sas, launched its self-service cloud portal called ahomé. ahomé is a cloud management tool, developed on a powerful automation engine, able to build, orchestrate, deploy and manage a multi-cloud infrastructure. With its intuitive web application interface, ahomé aims at eliminating the complexities of orchestrating a hybrid cloud infrastructure, hence making it accessible to all. 

Danny Afahounko, CEO of Cloud Inspire, says:

“ahomé is a tool designed to counter IT challenges, especially in Africa, where IT progression might be more complicated due to the challenges of the continent. We have developed ahomé to enable Africa into the 4th industrial revolution. By this, we mean that ahomé can enable companies to easily operate a hybrid cloud infrastructure and ISP or datacenters to become cloud providers within their region, by providing similar services as the big cloud players and upscale their business. While this still seems like an impossible mission, we endeavor to change this paradigm with ahomé. Its powerful automation capabilities are able to facilitate this conversion, thus accelerating the time to market for these businesses.”

ahomé has several benefits.  

Cloud as a service: With its automation feature, deploy an entire infrastructure (servers, applications, authentication tools, storage, monitoring…) intuitively. Its features extend to multi tenancy, agnosticism and a unified view to name a few. 

Infrastructure as code: ahomé brings simplicity with an infrastructure being described and documented in a normal readable configuration (YAML). Keep it easy to understand even in a very complex architecture. 

Multi-Cloud deployment tool: ahomé makes abstraction of all providers and technologies. It gives freedom to choose, compare and migrate, thus preventing vendor lock in. Split your data across several cloud providers, have a unified view of all your infrastructure and enjoy the power of the multi-cloud.

Business as a service: Specific to ISPs, Datacenters and Hosting companies, ahomé enables these company types to resell their added values and unutilized services and offer ready to go packages to their customers. 

ahomé is highly versatile and is able offer customized solutions to different business types across Africa. Install your infrastructure on low-intensity equipments such as Raspberry pi, Intel NUC. Keep your equipment charged and keep your system running even during power downtime. Run your infrastructure on offline mode in rural areas and continue your operations normally despite internet inaccessibility. No need for deep tech knowledge to spin up complex applications with ahomé automation engine. Simply follow the guide. Security, one of the most important aspect of an infrastructure, comes as a default feature with a build-in security with zero trust infrastructure, encrypted data and identity management. 

“Others bring you to the cloud; With ahomé, we bring the cloud to you,” says Danny Afahounko. 

For more information on ahomé and how it can benefit your business, contact us at danny@cloud-inspire.io or visit our site at www.ahome.io

Cloud Inspire is a startup company based in France, with the French Tech label for innovation. We are cloud advocates and accompany businesses in their cloud adoption process.

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