Nashua Appoints New CEO

Nashua has announced the appointment of Barry Venter as CEO – the company says this comes at a time when the challenging economic and social times we face would have many on the run.

Venter’s career has mostly been within the ranks of Nashua Group. He says “Nashua forms part of my DNA as I have grown and evolved over 22 years with this business. It is an aspirational, truly South African brand and the value system and culture within the business is very important to me.”

Venter started at the very bottom in Nashua – he was a contractor, worked in the warehouse, packed SIM cards and even sold second-hand phones to dealers – along the way, was exposed to great mentorship and opportunities, moving into IT to implement new technology and create a call centre before moving back onto the business side as the GM of operations, then COO at Nashua Mobile.

“When we sold the mobile business I was acting CEO and was able to assist most of our staff acquire new jobs, together ensuring a successful handover of our customers to the respective Mobile Network Operators. It was a massive success personally and helped develop me as a truly inclusive leader as a result. I’m ready for this role and already enjoying it.”

Nashua has seen many significant changes over the years and it has been an interesting journey for Venter. Just five years go the company implemented a revised strategy to become a ‘Total Workspace Provider’.

It built a substantial offering with new company products to strengthen this position and add more value for customers: “Our customers are able to focus on their core businesses while we take care of the complete office environment”.

Venter believes Nashua’s differentiation lies in its people, “we have 40 franchises with a sales force of approximately 500 and 700 field engineers to support our customers across the SADC region. It is our relationships and engagement at a community level that had allowed our growth, alongside quality solutions and excellent customer service.”

Edited by Jenna Delport
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