Facebook Launches Features to Help Businesses Navigate the Pandemic


With many countries currently experiencing at least some form of lockdown, businesses are waist-deep in uncharted waters. Companies large and small have had to transform rapidly as they attempt to continue operating while keeping their employees safe. Yet many organizations are encountering a host of new challenges.

Taking this into account, Facebook has identified two main areas where organisations need the most support:

  1. Communicating critical information with their entire business in real-time, and making sure this content, both dynamic and static, is now easily accessible to everyone
  2. Ensuring employees across the organization feel supported and listened to as they grapple with the impact of the virus on their work and personal lives

To this effect, the social media giant has announced several new features to help businesses better manage the impact of the pandemic:

  • Knowledge Library – the new home for key company resources on Workplace. Knowledge Library is a single place to create, store and share static content like working from home advice or HR and expenses policies, so employees can discover and easily access the information they need at home or on the go.
  • Draft for – a feature that allows individuals to draft posts on behalf of executives who can subsequently review, approve and publish.
  • Campaigns – allow for tracking audience reach and engagement across a group of posts. This includes sentiment metrics, which can help you identify the content that’s most helpful to people so you can create more of it. For instance, with Campaigns, you can publish multiple posts on COVID-19 or ‘working from home’ then look at the impact on employee morale to ensure you’re providing the most relevant information.
  • Safety alerts – send standalone alerts providing updates or context on an incident without requiring a response. Safety Alerts can be used for any important safety updates, not just drills or crises. Alerts are already being used by our beta testers to keep employees informed of the evolving guidance during COVID-19.
  • Q&A posts – designed to help organizations understand what’s important to employees and to enable quick feedback. People will be able to add and upvote questions, ensuring the top concerns across the organization get the attention they deserve.
Edited by Jenna Delport
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