Microsoft partners with MultiChoice to transform entertainment in Africa

The world of entertainment is changing rapidly. Increased access to fibre to the home, as well as a growing number of content creators and video-on-demand services, are forcing large entertainment companies to rethink their business strategies and innovate new and exciting ways to entertain their customers.

That’s why, as part of its digital transformation journey, MultiChoice is partnering with Microsoft South Africa across various solutions including Azure, Microsoft 365, D365 and security services.

The partnership aims to give MultiChoice the ability to deal with the challenges of its ever-changing industry by driving efficiencies in the business through collaboration and to explore innovative ways of delivering content to its subscribers’ thanks to AI and big data analytics.

MultiChoice says that it is streamlining its business, becoming more agile and innovative.

As a crucial partner in MultiChoice’s digital transformation journey, Microsoft provides the platform and toolsets that allow it to take its new agile offerings to market quicker, cheaper and better.

“We are moving towards a data and analytics-driven organisation,” says Brad Eliot, Group CIO at MultiChoice. “Our data warehouses have content that facilitates understanding of our subscriber preferences. We are modernising our data warehouses and Microsoft is helping us with their existing technologies.”

“At the same time, we are looking to see how we can modernise our data structures by looking at Azure data services. We are currently looking at proof of concepts for technologies such as sim apps and hyperscale.”

Eliot believes that working with Microsoft has opened up opportunities that MultiChoice would never have been able to pursue without access to cloud computing.

Edited by Jenna Delport
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