7 Tips to Improve Your Android Gaming Experience during COVID-19

In a world where social distancing is of vital importance, reaching for your COVID-19 free smartphone is a popular pastime. New technologies have made mobile gaming exceptional – and now it’s a key source of entertainment during the #Coronacalypse.

With apps featuring AR/VR technology, users can enjoy HD quality video games on their devices. The portability of smartphones is an added advantage. In addition, developers and third-party manufacturers have found new ways to elevate the mobile gaming experience.

New accessories and software in the market can be used to transform the mobile games to be on par with PlayStation, Nintendo, and more. 

If you’re on lockdown and enjoy gaming, then here are seven ways you can experience HD-quality gaming on your Android:

1. Use a Controller

With mobile gaming entering the realm of competitive gaming, touch screens of smartphones are not going to be enough. One way to improve mobile gaming experience is to use controllers. 

If you rank input controllers based on their usability in the gaming world, a touch screen would be at the end, behind gaming controllers, mouse, and keyboard. New smartphones support controllers via Bluetooth or a wired connection. 

There are various types of game controllers in the market that you can choose based on your preference. Gamevice is one option that extends to either side of the smartphone in the landscape mode. 

However, not all mobile games feature native support, making your controller useless. So, do research before purchasing controllers.

2. Use Wireless Headphones

Audio is just as essential as the visuals. So, invest in a wireless headset to enjoy a fully immersive experience. Sounds can also provide an HD-quality gaming experience, mainly if you’re playing RPG games, MMORPG, and so on.

Phone speakers do not offer the same level of sound quality as TV sets. Therefore, if you aim to join the competitive gaming world with a smartphone, you need a wireless headset. 

Wireless because you can move about without troublesome cords getting in the way, plus they offer better sound quality than speakers. You can enjoy an exceptional gaming experience on your commute to work or elsewhere.

3. Use Ethernet or 5 GHz Wi-Fi

With online gaming, you want a smooth and uninterrupted connection. Any network freeze could be the difference between your victory or complete annihilation. While mobile phones offer access to mobile data, not all networks offer flawless connectivity without lag.

5G is one of the best mobile Internet connections that provide zero-latency elevating your mobile gaming experience to new heights. 4G LTE is another choice, but it’s best for simple file transfers and communication, not for high-speed gaming. 

Furthermore, not all Wi-Fi connections are equal. According to IEEE, the mastermind behind LAN, 802.11ac is the fastest. However, 802.11ax router for Samsung users is even quicker than 802.11ac.

4. Use Discord to Connect with Friends 

One of the best aspects of Internet gaming is that you can share the experience with your friends. Discord is one such application that can take in-game communication to a new level. It’s a gamers app that allows interaction with your online connections. 

Discord also offers a feature, Game Detection, that instantly lets your friends know which games you are playing. Furthermore, they can join in the same game so that you can play together, which improves the overall gaming experience. 

5. Turn on Gaming Mode on Your Android

It’s not just the Internet that can disrupt your gaming experience. Notifications and SMS alerts from other apps can be just as distracting as a lagging network. Gaming Mode is a solution to the dilemma with Android gaming. 

Some Android phones offer Game Mode as a built-in feature that reconfigures your smartphone whenever you play a game. The Android OEMs implement the mode in various ways. But its similarities include blocking notifications, boosting RAM for high-speed performance, answering calls via the loudspeaker, and disabling auto-brightness.

On the other hand, the Gaming Mode app offers a few additional features than the built-in version. Not only can it manage notifications, block alerts, and auto-reject calls, but it also adjusts the game volume just as you launch the game.

Furthermore, it allows you to set exceptions for calls and alerts for selected people or apps. With the Gaming Mode app, you can choose to switch it on for every game installed or select manually.

6. Keep a Power Bank on Stand-By

Smartphones have limited battery, and mobile gaming apps are incredibly battery-intensive. So, if you want to enjoy endless hours of gaming on your Android, keep a power bank on standby. 

A power bank can charge your phone various times. Plus, since it has a separate power source, it can work without an electrical socket. Ideally, you should opt for one that supports fast charging and allows you to charge multiple times in the day. 

7. Use the built-in Do Not Disturb Mode

Much like the Gaming Mode app, Do Not Disturb blocks notifications, calls, and all alerts, when you are gaming. It’s a built-in feature in various Android devices that you can access through your phone’s Settings. 

Contrary to the app, however, the Do Not Disturb mode is entirely manual. Where the app functions automatically when you launch a game, the Do Not Disturb mode needs to be switched on every time. Furthermore, you need to choose which notifications you want to block, allow repeat calls, and more.

By Tabish Khalid, Senior Digital Marketing Executive for Applify Labs

Edited by Jenna Delport
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