MTN Ghana Provides Care Package to Aid Country Amid School Closures

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MTN Ghana has announced a new ‘Y’ello‘ care package where customers will be able to access a host of online learning channels to support education from home, as well as to entertain children unable to go to school due to the regulation in place to halt the spread of COVID-19 – reports Ghanaweb.

These regulations were put in place by the government of Ghana and oversaw the closing of universities, senior high schools and basic/primary schools from 16 March until further notice.

MTN Ghana in Accra said in a statement that the Ministry of Education was tasked to roll out distance learning programmes for students at home in collaboration with the Ministry of Communication.

“Our customers are very important to us and even more so in these difficult times,” says Noel Kojo-Ganson, CMO of MTN Ghana.

“We must show our customers that we care about their wellbeing. We believe the zero-rating of over 25 educational online sites will be a great relief to our customers and their children and other dependents.”

According to the statement, the company is also going to continue to explore other opportunities to make life “a whole lot brighter” during these difficult times.

As the coronavirus pandemic begins to creep across the continent, MTN Ghana is already sending several communications through its various channels, including SMS and social media, in order to provide customers with updates on the virus as well as personal hygiene tips.

MTN is also zero-rating the Ghana Health Service website in order for customers to access information on COVID-19 free of charge.

MoMo and Money Handling

MTN MoMo, a platform that allows the sending and receiving of money from phones, has also announced that the Bank of Ghana is going to enable customers to adopt MoMo for financial transactions to minimize the risk posed by cash handling.

Whether this partnership will continue outside of the pandemic is currently not known.

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