Huawei P40s Are Launching in South Africa but With A Difference

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Huawei’s next-generation P-series smartphones will launch in South Africa this year, including the much anticipated P40 devices.

In an interview with My Broadband, Likun Zhao, Huawei South Africa CBG VP, and Huawei South Africa CTO Akhram Mohamed confirmed the new flagship devices will release to the local market.

“The next flagship devices are coming to South Africa,” Zhao said. Stating that the new flagship devices will no longer use Google Mobile Service (GMS), instead, they will launch with Huawei Mobile Service (HMS).

Huawei was South Africa’s first choice in smartphones – reaching the top spot on the market, however, the company was set back when they entered the US Entity List, Zhao shared.

“We hope we can spend two years to come back to number one smartphone share in South Africa,” he said.

GMS is out, HMS is in:

HMS is a replacement for Google Mobile Services, the services that run natively on Android devices that enable certain features.

Users will still be able to access services like Gmail, Youtube, Chrome, Google search and more, but not through the apps pre-loaded on the devices as these services will no longer be natively integrated.

The biggest change users will notice is that they will not be asked to log into their Google account on start-up, instead, they will have to log into their Huawei account.

“Many people are thinking that basic services are not going to be functional – that’s not true,” Mohamed said. “The menus, setting, etc., will all look and feel the same. Over and above that, HMS is a replacement for core services for GM. A consumer does not engage on core services level, they engage on an app level.”

Testing Apps for HMS:

In order to achieve perfect integration between the apps that people use and the new HMS system, Huawei conducted tests on popular apps in order to discover compatibilities issues between apps and HMS and to fix these issues.

“From the last quarter of 2019, however, our R&D team conducted a lot of tests and we are no confident,”  Zhao said. Huawei has conducted these tests in the top three thousand applications in the world, and the top 100 in South Africa.

The only features that will remain unsupported will be those involving Google account integration. Apps such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter should work perfectly in spite of this.

“Huawei’s plan is beyond just apps and HMS itself, it is about new experiences,” Mohamed said. Huawei’s focus is on creating something new and beautiful for consumers.

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