3 Reasons Why Samsung’s Galaxy Buds+ Will Make You Completely Forget About Apple’s AirPods

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Samsung has unveiled its next-generation wireless earbuds – The Samsung Galaxy Buds+. The introduction of these new earbuds will throw a massive blow to Apple’s stranglehold on the truly wireless earbud market, reveals Business Insider.

The Galaxy Buds+ have serious competitive advantages over Apple’s AirPods, namely:

1. Enormous Battery Life

The Galaxy Buds+ last more than twice as long on a single charge than the AirPods. Apple’s AirPods last 5 hours on a single charge, while their AirPods Pro last a little less at 4.5 hours. The Galaxy Buds+, however, last an unfathomable 11 hours of listening time, and 7.5 hours of talk time. With another 11 hours granted by its portable case, the Buds will last a total of 22 hours of listening time.

The Buds+ also boast notable improvements in sound thanks to both a Tweeter and Woofer and 3 microphones in each Bud. The Buds+ will give its customers a more sensory sound experience and even clearer and crisper phone calls than most wired or wireless earphones.

Even better, with just three minutes’ worth of charging, the Galaxy Buds+ will give you one hour of playback time.

2. Compatibility with iOS

Users worried about compatibility issues need not, as the Galaxy Buds+ are completely compatible with the iOS 10 and up iPhones.

This surely will have users considering between Apple’s ubiquitous AirPods and the Buds themselves.

3. Buds are Much Cheaper than Pods

Finally, Samsung’s excellent competitive pricing sees the Buds+ as much more affordable to Apple’s AirPods – An almost unbeatable advantage, considering the massively superior battery life.

Samsung’s Galaxy Buds+ retail for just $200, a wallet-loosening $80 less than Apple’s latest and greatest AirPods Pro earbuds.

As if any more convincing was needed, the Buds+ will also come in three more colours than the AirPods in black, white, blue and red.

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