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Silicon Catalyst becomes member of the GSA

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Silicon Catalyst becomes member of the GSA
Silicon Catalyst announces its membership in the Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA).

Global silicon incubator solutions company, Silicon Catalyst announced on Tuesday, 17 September 2019, that it is now a member of the Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA). According to the company, the GSA is recognised as a key driver in the expanded semiconductor industry, with world-wide scope encompassing semiconductors, software, solutions, systems, and services.

“Silicon Catalyst is fueling a wave of startup innovation in the semiconductor segment that has reinvigorated the investment community’s interest and appetite for hardware. The combination of their comprehensive incubation process and the diversity of companies in their portfolio speaks to the broad scope of market segments that are being addressed by their team,” says Shrikant Lohokare, Global VP of GSA.
“GSA welcomes Silicon Catalyst to our organisation, and looks forward to promoting entrepreneurship, startups and the technical innovations they bring to drive further industry growth.”
“Silicon Catalyst uniquely provides startups access to an expansive ecosystem. These Portfolio Companies utilise In-Kind Partner (IKP) tools and services during a two-year incubation period at significantly reduced or no cost. These include design tools and services, simulation software, foundry PDK access and multi-project wafer (MPW) shuttle runs, test program development and tester access which dramatically reduce the cost of chip development,” says Pete Rodriguez, CEO of Silicon Catalyst.
“Also, Silicon Catalyst puts startups on a path to funding and affords them access to its network of world-class advisors and investors. Since our inception in 2015, Silicon Catalyst has reviewed close to 300 early-stage companies and has now admitted a total of 21 startups into the incubator.”

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