Worldwide expansion of 5G device network

Worldwide expansion of 5G device network
Worldwide expansion of 5G device network.
Worldwide expansion of 5G device network
Worldwide expansion of 5G device network.

On Monday, 8 July 2019, the Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA) confirmed that the number of unveiled 5G devices has more than doubled in the last three months, with 26 new devices added in June alone.  

The global number of 5G devices set to become commercially available is 90, from 39 vendors.  New 5G devices reported include drones, laptops and robots.

The June 2019 5G Ecosystem Report identifies 39 vendors who have confirmed the availability of forthcoming 5G devices with 90 different devices. These devices include:

  • 25 phones (plus regional variants)
  • 7 hotspots (plus regional variants)
  • 23 CPE devices (indoor and outdoor)
  • 23 modules
  • 2 Snap-On dongles/adapters
  • 2 routers
  • 2 IoT routers
  • 2 drones
  • 1 laptop
  • 1 switch
  • 1 USB terminal
  • 1 robot

“As we see operators commercially launching their first 5G services, so this is being mirrored in the wider 5G ecosystem with a significant acceleration in the rate of new device announcements,” said Joe Barrett, President of GSA. 

“Significantly, we’re also seeing a range of form factors continue to grow as manufacturers turn to 5G to deliver the connectivity in their new devices.  While not all devices are available immediately and specification details remain limited for some devices, what is beyond any doubt is that the 5G vendor ecosystem is racing to fulfil a need in the market for an ever-increasing range of connected devices capable of delivering new services, experiences and economies.”

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