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Warframe: The latest news and updates from TennoCon 2019

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Gauss (left) and Grendel (right), the two new Warframes being added to the game. Image sourced from Warframe.
Gauss (left) and Grendel (right), the two new Warframes being added to the game. Image sourced from Warframe.

Warframe is a free-to-play third-person co-operative sci-fi action-adventure game developed and published by Digital Extremes. The game was released on 25 March 2013 and is currently available for PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. Ever since its release the game has amassed critical praise for its gameplay, free-to-play model and regular content. The title, as well as the developers, have gained a hardcore and devoted player base.

The popularity of the game led to the creation of TennoCon, an annual convention held in London, Canada, where the developers share all the new content and changes coming to the game. Attendees can get their hands on new builds of the game, as well as take part in cosplay competitions or simply meet fellow Warframe gamers. TennoCon 2019 took place on 6 July. The developers announced a host of new updates and changes to the current game that will be implemented in the near future. These announcements can be seen below.

  • Warframe: Empyrean: Empyrean is said to be one of the biggest content updates to Warframe. First announced at TennoCon 2018 under the name Railjack, Empyrean will see players teaming up in groups of 4 to hijack enemy ships, explore ancient ruins, take down kingpins and earn valuable rewards. A 30minute video presentation was shown at TennoCon.The video is available online.
    • Siege and Steal enemy ships: Infiltrate opponent ships using Archwings, kill the captain and gain control of the ship.
    • Dynamic Situations: During missions, certain hazards will come into play that will challenge players. Some of these hazards include Void Storms and boarding parties.
    • Signal the Squad Link: Solo players can team up with others by using the Squad Link. Players can ask for help from players in the game’s other big environments, such as Plains of Eidolon, in order to take on bigger challenges.
    • Customize and Upgrade Everything: Players can upgrade their battleship’s Cosmetics, Reinforcements and Equipment. Weapons, such as the Homing Missile Launcher, will be available for the player to take advantage of. Players will also be able to customize the look of their battleship.
    • Kingpin System: Not much information was made available about this system, but Digital Extremes will release more information about this feature soon.
  • New Intro: Warframe is getting a new introductory cut-scene when new players begin the game. The intro is directed by Dan Trachtenberg, director of the film 10 Cloverfield Lane. Attendees at TennoCon were able to see the video and is also available on the internet. The intro will be implemented into the game late 2019 and early 2020.
  • Duviri Paradox: Duviri Paradox is a new open-world update coming to Warframe. Duviri will follow the other open-world updates Plains of Eidolon, released in 2017, and Fortuna, released in 2018. The video teased a new open-world where operators, the pilots of the Warframes, have grown up from the children they currently are in the current version of the game. This update is currently in development.
  • New War: The New War is a new cinematic quest set to release Holiday 2019.
  • Two New Warframes: Gauss and Grendel: The next Warframes to be added to an ever-growing roster of super-powered remote-controlled suits are Gauss and Grendel. Their release dates and abilities are TBA.

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