Egyptian operator deploys AI for unbanked subscribers

Egyptian operator deploys AI for unbanked subscribers.
Fernando Núñez Mendoza, CEO of fonYou.


Egyptian operator deploys AI for unbanked subscribers.
Fernando Núñez Mendoza, CEO of fonYou.

fonYou has announced that it reached an agreement with a mobile operator in Egypt to deploy its iCarrier Data platform for the distribution of hyper-personalized airtime, data bundles and other carrier products.

iCarrier Data is a platform that enables mobile carriers to predict and optimize their real-time responses to customer needs, even when they run out of credit.

fonYou’s premium technology intercepts low-balance events and applies deep customer analytics, advanced scoring and machine learning techniques – all in real-time. It allows the operator to determine the most appropriate product offers to keep customers connected, ranging from airtime credit, digital top-ups or bundle sales, and automate their digital distribution via the subscriber’s preferred channels.

The deployment of iCarrier Data is expected to give the Egyptian operator a 360-degree view of each subscriber, which in combination with fonYou’s AI module, allows them to activate the right product at the right time, according to the user’s ability to pay.

With a population of 100 million people, 84 per cent of Egyptians is unbanked.

“The operator will deploy our new-generation iCarrier Data platform to monetize low-balance data events and take its commercial operations to the next level,” said Fernando Núñez Mendoza, CEO of fonYou. “This commercial project will illustrate that the iCarrier platform is a win-win for both subscribers and the operator. Subscribers will receive hyper-personalized offers that keep them online at all times. The operator will be able to proactively offer new services, driving up quality of experience (QoE) and, in doing so, taking a significant step forward in the digital transformation of its business.”

fonYou’s iCarrier platform has been nominated and shortlisted for several fintech awards based on its ability to help carriers distribute short-term financing products in real time.

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