Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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Namola launches Namola Plus and Namola Panic Tracker

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The Namola Panic Tracker is available for a once-off fee of $97.74 or $5.52 per-month

After the success of its free safety app, Namola has launched Namola Plus with added features and benefits as well as the Namola Panic Tracker.

The Namola Plus will include all the same features of the free app, with new features such as armed response and private emergency medical services. Namola Plus users will receive Armed Response to their distress signals if they are within the Armed Response coverage area. In addition to this, the users will also receive private EMS if requested. The user does not need to be on medical aid to receive the emergency medical service. Namola will also provide pre-arrival medical advice from their partner’s on-call medical emergency staff. The Namola Plus will cost $3.42 per-month.

The Namola Panic Tracker is an extra service at the cost of either once-off fee of $97.74, or $5.52 per-month. The Namola Panic Tracker is a standalone physical panic button that comes with built-in GPS and SIM. There is no need for a mobile device in order to use the Namola Panic Tracker. This service comes with all the features of the Namola Plus but in the form of a physical portable button. Once the button is pressed, Namola will attempt to reach the user on the device. The Panic Tracker also, with the user’s permission, allows a user’s emergency contacts to track them through the device.

Namola exists to help improve personal safety and security in South Africa. Primarily we are a community-focused application that aims to get citizens the fastest help possible in any emergency, anywhere in South Africa. Namola Plus now enables us to offer even more peace-of-mind to more South Africans. Additionally, we can now serve business customers who want to protect staff or clients, such as Estate Agencies, Hospitality and Tourism and Transport. Namola Plus and the Namola Panic Tracker are ideal for anyone finding themselves on the road or in environments where the assurance that they can get professional help fast, at the simple press of a button, is vital,” says Namola CEO Peter Matthaei.

The free Namola app and the Namola Plus are available on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, and the Namola Panic Tracker is available for purchase on the Namola website.

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